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It has been nearly a century since Marcel Tolkowsky revolutionized diamond cutting with the original Ideal Cut Diamond. To this day, the Ideal Cut remains the benchmark for industry excellence, and the name Tolkowsky® is synonymous with unsurpassed excellence. In this diamond engagement ring, a stunning Tolkowsky® round diamond is surrounded by swirls of additional round diamonds and set in 14K white gold. The ring has a total diamond weight of 3/4 carat. Each Tolkowsky® diamond ring comes with a certificate of authenticity and independent certification of the center stone.
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5 / 5
5 / 5
perfect ring for my future wife
PostedJanuary 12, 2012
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from macon, ga
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5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
Proposed in September 2011 with one of the early release versions of this and my fiance thinks ring is perfect and loves it.
unique not something everyone has and is very three dimensional it is something you can look at for hours and days and still see new details. It has a good three dimensional feel as well so when not looking at it can feel it with fingers and its like cool.
Cut is amazing love the demo and the hearts and arrows. The cut makes it sparkle (fire# off the chart and sparkles brightly in any kind of light, from dark theatre/movies street lights and so on it sparksles away and in bright like like sunlight you may need sunglasses from time to time. its amazing and if you really want a light show point a laser pointer at the center stone and its like a mirror ball effect coming off of it, its really cool..
2 other things on cut because it is done so well and the diamond sparkes so much the diamond on average looks a 1/4 carat bigger (compare for yourself) and because the cut is so good lower quality stones on color or clarity doesn't really matter because the light refleciton is so good it looks better than many other stones I looked at.
Case, instead of generic pill cases you normaly see, it comes in a beautiful black leather looking box. The ring rises on a stage when they open it. It is a ballerina style ring so balerina on a stage awesome for me proposing to a dance teacher. the box also doubles as a 2 hour burn safe so they aren't messing around.
Cost feels hight but you get what you pay for and the independant appraisal appariased it for a couple hundred over what I paid for it so Kay isn't ripping you off.
Extended warranty, you get this and take ring into any Kay every 6 months and get a check up and if you ever loose any stone they replace it free, free resizing... read up on it. Then went to my insurance agent and got it insured so lost/stolen anywhere in world its covered.
Supposedly only 5,000 made and only carried in 50 Kay stores so rarer and harder to find so not seen everyday like others.
History, supposedly these as well as leo diamonds Kay pays to get the diamonds history so you know what diamond mine the stone came from. who cut it and things like that so your assured quality stones
Difficult on most camera's to get great pictures of ring because it is so sparkly and three dimensional it is tough for the autofocus to adjust and most pictures really don't do it justice to be honest unless you have a really high end camera. .
Wedding band/bands have to be custom made for sharp the corners by the circle. And its also three dimensional on the arms so the slopes in and out are different for each side. I mention that because custom bands with Kay usually take like 6 weeks so you need to plan ahead because loosing your engagement ring for 6 weeks-2 months if problems makes you feel like are we missing the point of engagement.
Would I buy it again in a second. Do I recommend it to you No I want my future wife's ring to be rarer! Ha ha just kidding. It really is a amazing ring and my fiance thinks it is perfect so much so she had me figure out what to do with wedding bands sorry I got the copyright on my style so good luck.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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