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    August 13, 2011
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A soothing blue topaz is the focal point of this captivating ring for her. A sparking white topaz accents each side. Styled in sterling silver.
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3 / 5
Very Pretty but not for me...
PostedAugust 13, 2011
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from Beaumont, TX
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3 / 5
I bought this ring for myself for a late Christmas/Birthday present and it was great for the first couple of months (before it got really hot ** I live in Southeast Texas **) The ring is very pretty, simple yet elegant, just the way I like my rings. But the metal isn't as durable as I needed it to be. I didn't wear the ring in the shower or wash dishes with it on, I didn't sleep with it on all so that it would stay superb...and even with all this the metal broke.
I had it sized before I bought it and had it fixed after it broke the first time, it broke again recently. I am currently debating if I want to exchange it for a ring with White Gold instead of Sterling Silver.
No, I do not recommend this product.
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